AAR : The professional organization for authors' representatives

The Association of Authors' Representatives is headquartered in Manhattan. Surface mail may be sent to the office:

676-A 9th Ave, Suite 312
New York NY 10036

The Association of Authors' Representatives is a not-for-profit membership organization. We are active in all areas of the publishing, theater, motion picture and television industries and related fields.

Volunteers make the AAR work; our office is simply a point of connection. If you are an AAR Agent and wish to talk with someone in AAR about a particular issue and, visit a Committee page to figure out who would be of most help.

AAR is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization. We do not maintain a large office staff or high-profile public presence. If you are not an AAR Agent, please address your questions or concerns to the Board President. Our administrator is Jody Klein. She may be reached by email at administrator@aaronline.org.
The AAR Mission
is professional and member-oriented. For general information about agents, their work and their role in the worlds of performance, media and publishing, check out this site's links to other professional organizations in publishing and performance or browse reference works in your local public library.

General public enquiries

Please get in touch with the office. Since AAR does not maintain a large public outreach, but is a volunteer-based organization, please respect staff and volunteer time.

Press contacts

AAR does not maintain a press office. General information may be obtained by calling, emailing or writing the office (details to the left). For comments on news items relating to AAR, you may email the President. Reasonable requests will at least be acknowledged.

Organizational issues:
Professional affiliation or communication

In support of our mission, AAR maintains active, collaborative relationships with other professional organizations in publishing, education, publicity, performance arts and cinema. If you represent such a group, and wish to discuss enlisting the collaboration or assistance of AAR or its members, drop a note to the chair of the Liaison group.

Questions about membership

If you have a question that is not answered by perusing the application forms, Agent listings, By-Laws and Canon of Ethics, feel free to drop a note to the Membership chair.

Questions about activities

Most AAR program are exclusively for members, so to receive invitations or to sign up, first become a member. For general questions about events or details of a specific event, or if you have a suggestion about developing a program in collaboration with another group of which you are a representative, you may drop a note to the Program committee.

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