Bezos buys WashPo–no way!

05 Aug 2013 1:51 PM | Digital Rights Committee (Administrator)
First, of course, it's good news that WashPo will live. But the news, rather than being celebrated, has been greeted with a mixture of confusion and "of course" among book industry people I've spoken with. Naturally, any Amazon news shakes up most of us. This comes on the heels of John Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox, acquiring the Boston Globe. That transaction makes more immediate sense-a Boston institution keeping a fellow Boston institution alive. The WSJ points out that Bezos valued papers enough to make them available in the earliest Kindles (article attached) : hmm, really, was that what it was about-or was it good business to engage customers in more than one media on his devise? Yet, one at first thinks, surely this move is an indulgence rather than a business decision. Could Bezos care that deeply about the dying newspaper industry? Yeah, the Bezos acquisition is puzzling at first, but then the "of course" enters the picture. What does it actually mean that Bezos, not Amazon, has made the purchase?"Probably that it won't take away from his already unprofitable bottom line: "of course." And saving a newspaper, old technology being rescued by new technology, is a pretty good PR move: damn good. He may be stretching or gutting, depending on your outlook, one long-standing industry, but now he is rescuing another. Good PR is always good business.
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